Azucenas…. Pastel..

Hi dear friends…. I have a confession to make….. in my last painting of granadas I gave incorrect measurements…. just as this one, it was 77 x 55 cms…. not inches!! Ups…Tongue Tied  Anyway… it is still big for me!!!! Well.. this time I attacked some Azucenas.. hope you like them!  have a wonderful evening!

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About Leticia

Hi!  My name's Leticia and I live in Guadalajara in Mexico. Guadalajara is a beautiful city full of opportunities for painting. I live near a beautiful park called "Colomos" . Here is the link to some photos if you want to check it and get some inspiration... -  or you can google it under "".

After a loooong time I am retaking painting... so I hope to be posting and posting to get some feed back!

Happy painting everybody!!! [:)]