Title:           AWAKEN

Media:       Oils

Size:           34"X40"+ (self-stretched)

Finish:       July 2009

Price:         $6,900.00 (SOLD)

(This painting was purposely textured to enhance mood of painting then applied medium glazed to protect finish.)

Sorry folks, I tried the best that I can with the lighting while using a cell phone to take this picture, (there's some lighting glare on top of the painting).  I did this in July of 2009 in my figure painting 1 class it's pretty huge 34"x40"+.  The only changes towards the end of the painting was I replaced the head with a different head and just followed the shadows from the original painting to match the new head and slightly modified the body a bit.

So tell me what yea think about it? nay or hurray?


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