"Autumn Morning"

This is a triptic done in oil paint. It measures 36" x 72"

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Spider Ryan

About Spider Ryan

     I am half Ojibwa Indian out of Devil's Lake, North Dakota on the Turtle Mountain reservation and my paintings reflect the Native American way of life that has in essence been stolen. I want to preserve my culture and portray a people who live in harmony with the mother earth, and are proud of their heritage. My inspiration and influences come from the Native people I have met in my life, and most definantly my grandmother who raised me. She was full blooded Ojibwa and was very involved in the reservation, tribal issues, and the preservation of the culture.

     What guides me in the execution of my work is purely emotional. Spending a lot of time on the reservation with my grandmother, I have listened to many stories of Native American culture and how they were taken advantage of. Through my art, I am carrying on the tradition of storytelling and gathering information on Native peoples.

     The process I use to create my paintings is this... I look at the blank canvas and let it speak, telling me what needs to be put down in paint, then I just start painting, and I am continually perfecting and adjusting the process as I go. My landscapes, animals, and portraits come straight from within my soul.