Autumn Joys

Another still life, this time in honor of fall (which comes VERY slowly here in Texas!).

"Autumn Joys"

12" x 16"

oil on linen

Available at my website:

Here's what I said about it on my blog ( I actually started "Autumn Joys" a year ago, when my parents drove down from Wisconsin to visit, some time around the end of October. My mother, who is known for sharing the bounties of her incredible vegetable garden every summer, of course brought a giant gift basket filled with goodies that she had preserved. She is most famous for her pickles, so she brought those, as well as some blackberry jam from berries picked fresh from the back woods, and homemade salsa, from tomatoes she had grown in her garden. I decided to commemorate her efforts in a painting, which includes the pickles and salsa, and even the basket that she brought them in. This painting, to me, represents so much of the joy in sharing God's blessings with others – something my mother excels in. 

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Anna Rose

About Anna Rose

Artist’s Statement

Art was once a bridge between the human and the divine. Those things which define a culture relate directly to the work of the artists living in it. When I see the art produced by our culture over the past century, I am both terrified by how close we have come to losing beauty altogether, and grateful to hear a resounding cry for its return. I believe we are in the midst of a rebirth of realism – and my response as an artist is joy and gratitude as I play my small part in this movement back towards what High Art once was.

My work covers a wide variety of subjects, but what remains consistent throughout is a deep love for beauty, especially as revealed by the human face. I am still young, and know little of human experience or tragedy… but when I paint, I feel my brightest hopes and deepest fears all at once. I feel connected to my subjects at a level that can only be obtained through the series of silent questions that take place during the creative process.

I believe that human beings are created in the image of God. When I remember this principle, I’m reminded that a portrait is not really about me, but about the subject and its inherent connection to God’s likeness. Thus, my goal for every portrait is to draw out that facet which most reflects the Divine. In some small way, each portrait then becomes a picture of Him.

My paintings are an expression of gratitude. They often depict men, women, or children in peaceful settings or places that evoke happiness. My art focuses on the enjoyment of life, and is permeated with a love for nature, music, and all things good. My style might be considered “classical realism,” which attempts to idealize the subject while preserving its true essence. I hope that whoever views my work finds their senses awakened as they respond to the use of color, light, and tangible subject matter. I am captivated by those things that go beyond the surface, and I hope to convey this deep and abiding interest to everyone who sees my work.


Anna Rose Bain was born and raised in rural Wisconsin. She began drawing from the moment she could pick up a pencil. Inspired by her grandfather, who started painting at the age of 70, she spent her free time as a child sketching from nature and poring over art books. She was homeschooled all through high school, giving her the opportunity to focus on art. Her primary medium was colored pencil until she began attending Hillsdale College, where she fell in love with oil. Her strong background in drawing helped her to launch forward in advanced classes such as figure painting and sculpture.

Under classical instruction and rigorous technical training, Anna excelled in the Hillsdale art department, sweeping juried art awards every semester. She received a full scholarship for her senior year, allowing her to attend summer painting classes at the Florence Academy of Art in 2006. She was the first student in Hillsdale College’s history to have a solo senior exhibit, and she graduated in 2007 with departmental honors.

After graduating from Hillsdale, Anna moved to Madison, WI where she worked for a professional photography studio. While serving there as the head artist and marketing coordinator, Anna used Photoshop to retouch pictures, to create beautiful marketing pieces, and to design stunning artistic creations from a client’s images. Her skills in Photoshop and experience in photography allow her to have a better eye for how a painting will turn out. She can piece together several images into one, so that the end result is a beautiful, well-balanced composition.

Anna now resides in Garland, TX with her husband, Steve. She paints full-time as a commissioned portrait artist, and participates in various art shows around Dallas and Fort Worth. She is also an active member of the Portrait Society of America.