At the Sea Shore


At the Sea Shore – Oil on 9 x 12 Canvas Panel – Another painting from a photo I took in I think Hawaii or it could have been Mexico; I don't remember. We haven’t been to Hawaii in ten or so years as there are many other places in the world to experience so we haven’t yet returned. Mexico we've been to a couple of times in more recent years. The boat was beached and looked old, weatherbeaten and  abandoned. It seemed picturesque. If you’ve noticed my website you've noticed that I’ve been doing some boat paintings lately so when I ran across this old picture it was just a natural thing to paint it. Your comments are welcome.



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Russell BakerSacramento, Northern California, United StatesAs a student in northern Minnesota I enjoyed being an artist. My uncle Charles: C. X. Carlson, a noted author, artist and muralist was a great influence me. I sketched and painted everyday until age sixteen or so, then it seemed as though life took over. Now, 40+ years later and retired, I have returned to the more pleasurable pastimes of my youth. This year, 2007, I started drawing, painting and playing music once again. It will be interesting to see where these endeavors guide me and how my skills in turn develop over time. Everything I offer here is an original. Some may be renditions of other works I find interesting, however originals just the same. If you see something you would like to purchase, email me.