Arum maculatum

Hello 🙂 … back with this fresh Arum !

Nice day to all …

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About Souhila Aouali

Hello All, My name is Souhila, which in Arabic means "little sun". I am from Algeria, and Algeria is situated in North Africa between Tunisia and Morocco, on the Mediterranean. I live in Algiers, the capital, a big city very crowded ! I graduated at the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences in 1996 as a State engineer then had my Masters Degree in the same discipline, specializing in Plant Pathology and breeding plants for disease resistance. Now I wotk as a researcher in forest health since 4 years ! this change in my work, from agriculture to forestery brought me  back to drawing because the forest with its nature, plants, insects, mushrroms ...etc. inspired me since I was a kid as we used to go with my parents to enjoy nature.  2014, was very inspiring to be and I started drawing again after a long stop that lasted for almost 20 years ! I ove drawing plants, flowers, birds, some old urban buildings and also Marabouts. I also like drawing sea landscapes and trees, but I stil lack the sens of details and I am often discouraged ! I like drawing with colored pencils. I tried La Gouache and Acrylics but failed so many times! tried to take some lessons on line via Youtube but... still not easy for me ! I never attended Art classes and wishe that one day I can afford it !  I am really happy to be among such talented artists, not only this, but your encouragements and advices are so precious to me !   Thank you to let me in your community and I hope to learn a lot from your drawings, paintings and critics !   Best regards to all.   Souhila