Arsha in the snowdrops

I'm not sure how clear the picture is. Usually I show this sort of things across the work as well as front on so you can see what the texture is. 


What this is is an oil painting of my mother-in-law's cat on unstretched canvas. I've then embroidered freehand into the painting and ribbon embroidered into it before painting back into the embroidered painting to finish off emphasising particular bits that need a bit more defining. 


I am obsessed with hand embroidery and clearly love painting and drawing too. So i decided to try combine the two big passions of mine


ii hope you like it

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Susan Mackay

About Susan Mackay

As most artists are, I have mainly been self taught. The first time I started drawing was following when I saw my dad sketching at our dining room table. Before this I'd thought pencils were only for writing with. I asked if I could have a go, and dad let me. After hours in my bedroom I proudly displayed my work which had an excellent reception from my family. I am sorry to say my dad stopped drawing after this claiming that when your daughter sketches better than you you should let her be the artist. Anyway, I practised very hard nearly everyday choosing to draw beautiful women mainly, finding that I love to draw eyes and then emotion. 


I refused to study art at school claiming that if I did I might get bored of it. Finally in my 6th form year I decided to study art due to a lack of interest in other subjects, i actually got told off for not taking art earlier by my new art teacher, and since this time I have studied art and practised art whenever I can. I've studied fine arts at NMIT, art history at Vic Uni, design for stage and screenat Toi Whakaari. I have recently joined the Mana Art society and as late have been working on developing my style, and name as an artist through entering competitions and making myself known where I can at galleries and online. I have illustrated a children's book, been accepted into the state of art books, and am just generally enjoying making art my focus. 


My aim is to become recognised as an artist particularly a portrait artist. i want to be a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Artists and one day paint an official portrait of the royal family. I plan to start my own web based gallery and educational center. And to be present in the art world making a real and important impact on art and how people percieve art. 


My work focuses on story, emotion, and honesty incorporating the sad, bad, difficult but portraying the hope of life and the light at the end of the tunnel. My work is honest, colourful and in development as to style and content. 


I hope you enjoy my work, and please do contact me to discuss my work, your work or art in general.