an abstract of human essence as seen under the microscope

Full color drawing using Corel Painter Lite and translated into JPEG for ease of upload.  The chromosome image to me represents both the specificity of human identity and the stringy weirdness of actual existence.  I hope you like it.

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About Michael Bennett

Born in Toronto, Ontario, I am one of the few people living here who were actually born here.  I had no formal training in visual arts but taught myself photography and then took classes in darkroom work, composition, etc and worked as a photographer for a number of years.  I draw my abstracts, which is what I think of them as, spontaneously and the painting more or less dictates itself as it develops.  When I use vector art, I am more intentional and geometric with my work.  Painting for me is an outlet, a resource for sanity, and a reason to keep going day by day.  I greatly admire formerly trained artists who work in traditional media, like my wife.