Along the Canal

I'm going through photos from my recent trip to Delaware.  I stayed pretty true to what I saw in this one, changed up the sky, upped the water reflections but otherwise I liked the composition of the photo I took so I kept it in the painting. I kept the rocks really loose and almost abstract.  I'm going to try some more landscapes without a defined focal point. Please let me know any C + C.  This is a 24 x 18 oil on canvas. Thanks for looking!

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I was born in New Jersey, my family moved to California when I was young and now I am living the country life in Spotsylvania, Virginia with my own family.  I paint in an impressionistic style and the subject of my work is always light and the mood associated with it.  I use photographs, sketches and memory to capture the light and shadows and the essence of a particular place.   With a supportive husband and two children who love to paint along with me, I have the wonderful opportunity to pursue what I love to do.  I appreciate all feedback on this site,  I think that is the best way to keep learning and improving.

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