Alien Conversation in the Karoo

1000 x 800 Oil on canvas. In the early 1970's I lived with my parents in the Karoo near Kimberley.This area is very well known for its UFO sightings. I spent many hours in the veld with the Boesman hunters learning to observe the unseen signs of live around us. The 2 captured here are memories from observing them in the moonlight busy with their private conversation.I might have some photos of them taken on a very cheap camera but would rather not say too much about that.

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Lenerd Louw

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I am residing in Krugersdorp, South Africa.Working as an Engineer on a deep level gold mine.I started painting late 2009. Am still searching where my preference lay.Have completed 37 paintings thus far. At present I enjoy attempting to paint people I have met into a setting where I feel someone might be able to spend an extra minute to ponder and see the message.