Alera: The Passing Away

For the entire step by step process of how I created this piece check out:

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Ashley Letziia

About Ashley Letziia

At the age of six, I sat on the floor across from my parents couch, completely captivated by its pattern of peonies, roses, and wildflowers. I was awed by the fact that someone could recreate those flowers so beautifully and realistically, especially when I had spent the first years of my life trying to create such drawings and so far didn’t even come close to the masterpiece in front of me. I felt the temptation to give up. “I’ll never be that good,” I thought. Why even try? But after admiring the detail in the petals and the fact that the artist chose to combine my favorite flowers together in one painting, the next moment I felt the courage to try anyway. Thus began my first ‘serious’ art creation—a ‘master copy’ of that very couch cover that took me almost two years to complete, finally finishing at age eight.

In many ways I still feel like the same little girl. The beauty of God’s creation continually captivates and inspires me, and just like that little girl, I often face discouragement, frustration and the temptation to quit. I passionately love art, but I passionately love my Savior Jesus Christ more and it’s by his grace that I am able to paint at all—he is the one who gives me the courage to continue growing as an artist.

I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in visual arts with a concentration in commercial art and in 2008 I graduated with my Master of Fine Arts degree focusing on illustration. My artistic influences include John William Waterhouse, Trina Schart Hyman, Daniel Gerhartz, and Jan Brett. My dream is to write and illustrate my own series of children’s books one day.


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