Aky’s Lion

I hope you like this one. It is not photorealistic because I don't have a photo to work from. This is a scene that I made up. I wanted to draw this because I haven't drawn this pose before and also to try out a perspective theory I came up with. Everything in this scene is drawn to scale as it would appear from a single point in space. I didn't use vanishing points but a little formula of fractions I based on the cone of visison and trigonometry which I studied on my own. my goal is to illustrate my ideas rather than only copy what I see.

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I grew up on the prairie cap rock of the Texas panhandle , and started to read on my own from the Encyclopedia Britannica before I started school. My parents had little education but probably never said no to any book salesman or book club. In the sixth grade I was reading at the grade level of 13.5 at three times the average adult speed with comprehension in the top percentile. When our daughter was four I noticed that on her own she was drawing a wicker chair. I had done some drawing as a teenager but there wasn't much I could show her, so I started doing research through the inter-library loan system and borrowed books from private and public libraries across the U.S. With this I added a little of my own ideas such as the little amount of spherical trigonometry I picked up to get a handle on perspective. So here I am, and at 51 I still have never physically been in an art class or art museum.