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About Jeni

One lifetime is largely insufficient for me to achieve everything I’d like to! I run almost everywhere I go, my mind racing days ahead of me as I plan the next joyous life experience. I am driven by my African spirit to capture the intrinsic beauty of our wildlife on canvas; believing naively perhaps, that in doing so, I will instil in the viewer the objective of joining me in saving the animal kingdom from destruction by the human race.

My abstracts, likewise, are inspired by the beauty of the earth and its gems - an iridescent spectral conundrum, colliding gloriously in colourful play with the glittery aventurescence caused by metallic inclusions. Could there be anything more stunningly beautiful? I like to paint alone. Just me, the canvas and my music.

My studies as a Field Guide, through Africa Nature Training, have given me a deeper understanding of my subjects, as has my upbringing in the wilds of Zambia. To sit quietly, watching elephants frolic at the waterholes, or the crazy antics of warthog young. This is when I am still. At one with nature.

My paintings are in private collections in many international countries and locally. One painting, aptly named ‘The Hunted’ was donated to the Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa, in 2011, when three of their rhinos were poached. One died immediately, another a few weeks later, but the third, a female named Thandi, survived the horror attack. I was so moved by the plight of this creature that I donated The Hunted to raise funds for her medical care. The painting raised R25 000 on a facebook auction. I closely follow Thandi’s recovery, knowing with joy that I made a huge contribution towards her getting her life back.


The beauty of nature creates within me an overwhelming desire to dip my brush - the blank canvas just waiting to be brought to life. That in itself it a joy, but to see the appreciation in my client’s face gives just as much satisfaction. I am blessed and I humbly acknowledge it!


I dream my dream….. follow my heart….. imagine….. listen to the wind….. drink sunsets….. create adventure and wish on every star. I do it my way.