Afghan Girl

8 X l0 Oil

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Patty Fleckenstein

About Patty Fleckenstein

I have been drawing and creating pictures since childhood......from life, imagination, photos, and combinations of these. I admit my artwork presents a bit of a medley. I work with a variety of artists' media and a mix of subject matter. The drawing and painting of people,the figure, is probably my favorite subject. And recently I've been painting scenes of the gorgeous Central New York landscape. Although I attended the Pratt Institute for two years I still consider myself mostly self taught.(I mean still learning......!) I'm a Central New York native, born in Rochester and grew up in Syracuse.After graduating from  High School in 1969 I was off to NYC to Pratt Institute and all the glory of Brooklyn! After Pratt I lived a year or two in Brooklyn then came back home to the Syracuse area where I've been living ever since. Now I live in a little Erie Canal village called Jordan with my 10-year-old son James-Austin and my little dog Garbo and my old cat Livvie.

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