Achilles, the End of War

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Graduate as documentary film maker of the Film Academy in Paris, France.Graduate as Multimedia Designer of the Faculty of fine arts, Utrecht (the Netherlands). And a Master of Arts from London. But that's all in the past, it all served to bring me here, to the drawing easel.

At 49 ( a year ago) I have plunged into what I always wanted to do but was afraid of. Afraid of not being being able to draw. And there's nothing worse, I think, than fearing failure.

Long story short, all my previous training and life/work experience makes my drawing apprenticeship easier. Guided by a very fine Italian artist, practicing in the tradition of figurative art, I think I can become the Bob Dylan of figurative drawing. That's another story, maybe a subject for a conversation, involving contemporary art, from street to canvas, involving the subject of the public and visual literacy.