Abstract Seascape, Acrylic 18×24

Original, from imagination  – copyright 2014

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Lois Rieger

About Lois Rieger

 "Works of art are never finished...they just stop in interesting places."  Unknown (If someone knows originator of this quote please let me know so I can assign proper credit.)  Thank you!

Basically, I am a self -taught artist and have been creative since childhood. 98% of the time I rely on my own imagination, personal experiences, and memories for the content of my paintings and drawings.  I love reading about art and artists. 

Give me pencils and paper and I am one happy woman!  I used to work with oil but had a terrible reaction from the fumes.  I started painting with Acrylics and found them to be quite user friendly - but my creativity and Imagination seems to come more alive with graphite, although I'm not sure why. I think it's because there is no "setting up" or needing a dedicated area for paints, etc.  While I love color and painting, a graphite drawing never ceases to catch my eye. You can carry a tablet of good paper and a box of pencils with you and draw anywhere - any time.  I am  70 years young and just enjoy art.  I love spending my days creating pages in my own personal coloring book in my own little world.  If it pleases my eye and I had fun,  I guess that's all that really matters.  After all these years, I have learned the real world is inside of me...and I love exploring its possibilities. I try to learn something new everyday.