A window to my world

This is the view through the front windows and entrance of a once-grand Irish country home, Tyrone House in Co. Galway. Like everything I paint, it was done on location and I was lucky that the sun stayed out for me (not a foregone conclusion). 

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Róisín Cu

About Róisín Cu

I'm Róisín Curé from Galway in Ireland. I'm in love with tracing the line of an object. The best of all is to use no preparatory lines and just pull the pen. Since I discovered on-the-spot sketching my output has and skill have increased exponentially. I sometimes say I'm a plein air worker, since I never use photos or memory, but "plein air" feels too grand for most of what I do, which is just whipping out my sketchbook and getting down what's before me as fast as possible. Note I did not use the word "artist" - I don't feel comfortable with that term, since all I do is transfer what's in front of me onto paper, with no interpretation. However, I have plans for big imagined canvases, so that will change.  A brief bio: I've been drawing since I can remember; a flirtation with academic life (Master of Science (Geology)); three children from 13 down to 9; four children's books in Irish; a graphic memoir in progress - "Zen and the Art of Sketching".  

I used to be hugely ambitious as an artist - fame and fortune etc. etc. - and while I still want my books and work to reach a wide audience, the very act of live sketching gives me enormous satisfaction in itself and is more than enough. Pure and simple - it makes me happy.