A Walk With Paw-Paw oil 5"x7" #159

I am so not with the holiday this year. Today I am going skiing for the first time this season, so maybe that will stir up some sentimental feelings. I haven't done any Christmas shopping, however this painting is a present to my husband. When we are with our grandson, Carl gets up early every day and he and Ollie take a long walk together. It is their special time. This painting isn't a masterpiece, but it is loaded with love.

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Christine Holzschuh

About Christine Holzschuh

I am a self taught artist who has been influenced by the following people:  my mom (June Hovekamp Osgood), Sean Dye, Jane Neroni, Karin Jurick, Carol Marine, and Qiang Huang.  I am painting daily now after a career in education.  Art is my passion and I am learning every day.