A Toast

   A few months ago, I was asked to give a price on a commission piece. These folks wanted a life size drawing, 36×60. It was between me and another artist from Britian. I was blown away. I had never done anything that size. The people went with the artist from Britian. So after that, I started thinking about doing something around that size. This work is 27.5×50. I have to say, I'll be doing more in that size range. It's quite an adventure.

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My name is Brian Parker. I was born and raised in Knoxville Tennessee. I can remember having a real desire to want to draw all the way back to an early teenager. I was just always convinced I could never do it so, I didn't pursue it. In the early 90's I dabbled around with acrylics and actually done a few paintings. I just felt like something was missing. In 2005, I bought a sketch book and some basic drawing pencils. From there things really escalated. What seemed to be missing suddenly became very real. Not long after I purchased the good stuff and my passion has grown ever since. I love detail. I love the look of realism. Portraits are a favorite. I hope to show to people and share with them a passion that continues to grow. Thank you for looking.