A Self Portrait A.F.Branco

I painted this for a self portrait competition. The hardest part of this painting was having to look at my self for so long. I now have an even greater appreciation for my wife. She has to do that everyday(poor thing).. Acrylic on 16×20 canvas. By A.F.Branco copyright 2009….. For sale for only $50,000.00 US, I'll throw in Free shipping?

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Antonio F Branco

About Antonio F Branco

I am new to the painting Scene. My wife bought me an Acrylic set last Christmas(2008), and I've been having a blast ever since.

Living in the northwest part of Washington State, I have dabbled with Graphic designing, cartooning, and very little painting, Years and years ago. So, I welcome your comments and any advice from the veterans out there. http://www.afbrancoart.com