A Scrape of Serenity

This 61cm x 55cm textured acrylic on canvas is based on offering viewers a calming mind. 
This painting was constructed with acrylic paint, all done with a paint scraper, hence the play on word in my title 'a scrape of serenity'. I decided to use a lovely lavender colour for the flowers as lavender is a colour of calm and healing. Please enjoy this beautiful image of my perspective of peace, letting your mind rid all negativity and letting you escape into this lovely painting. You can almost smell the blooming flowers of lavender colour, you can hear the gentle splashes of water upon the rocks and you can feel the refreshing breeze entwined in your hair, gently touching your skin. Be free from any stress, negativity as you gaze upon this painting. 

We all need 'a scrape of serenity' in our lives. If you're stressed out, take a break and find your serenity. If you give your body, mind and spirit the time to rest and heal itself from any negativity in your life, you will live a healthy and happy life. "Happy mind = happy life". 

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About Emily

hi there, I'm an 18 year old artist who focuses mostly on abstract style of art. I do artwork of pet portraits, landscapes, nature, wild life (mostly birds) and abstract paintings, anything that catches my eye and I feel like "i need to paint this".  Most of my paintings are a sort of abstract painting, for example my pet portraits are not realistic, usually there is some kind of abstract theme within the painting; lets put it this way.. I love colours! 

Not all of my artwork is up on this website as I'm very new to this website and am just seeing what it's like; only very few are up for show.

All comments are welcome but please no negativity! If you do not like my artwork then please don't judge or comment anything on my photos; i respect everyone as an artist and their differences/different areas of art. Enjoy my photos :)  

I'm very new to "getting my artwork out there", so my page is probably very basic compared to others...I also don't have my own page for my artwork BUT I plan to create one soon once I get all of my artwork and planning together. :) 

Thank you!