A Passing Storm

Acrylic on panel, 36"x24"  — The sky was wild last summer following a thunderstorm.  The old New England farm was perfect in this magnificent scene and it looked like it had weathered many similar weather situations.  The scene is in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

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Lori MacDonald

About Lori MacDonald

I’ve been painting with acrylics for 38 years and I continue to enjoy the versatility of this medium which provides an array of creative options – from watercolor techniques to heavy impasto applications.  I like to paint where I live, and Central Massachusetts has enough beauty to occupy an artist for a lifetime.   I'm not bored yet!  I love color and I use it freely - sometimes subtly, and other times boldly. 

I love to paint and I love when someone connects with the work I've done.   It feels like a new friend.  Thanks for your comments.