A painting with a story!

I offered this painting as a raffle prize at a local art show a few years ago.
The raffle was popular and the lady that won it was most appreciative. However, after gettting the painting home she realised it did not go with the decor.  A friend who was also interested in the painting offered to buy it and paid a fare price for it. The new owner proudly hung the work in the lounge room and waited for the family to come home to hopefully be as excited at the new aquisition as she was. At the end of the day her daughter arrived home and on seeing the painting, burst into tears.

I must add here, that as I was being told this story by a fellow artist and on hearing that someone had burst into tears on viewing the painting, thoughts rushed into my head. So, this is what it feels like to truly make it as an artist, i thought! My head was abuzz with such thoughts and I almost missed the last part of the story…

Apparently, the daughter had just broken up with her boyfriend at the very place the painting depicted! My heart sank. The painting was then sold to someone else – I wonder where it is today!

One never knows what happens to our work once it leaves our hands – the stories our paintings could tell!!!

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Mike Barr

About Mike Barr

I paint what I love - sparsely populated beaches with big skies and wide shallows and rain-drenched city streets that sparkle with reflective light.
Of course, both these places are animated with human activity, such as beach walkers or those braving the elements of a rainy day,
and they add to the appeal of such scenes.

The sky usually plays a large part in my work.
From a very young age I have been fascinated with clouds and the moods of the sky and have always loveed a stormy day.
It is no surprise then that this is translated into my work.

My paintings aren't acquired because they match the curtains - they are windows in themslves.
They offer glimpses of where we have been or where we would like to be - places where the soul can linger for a while an rest.





I am a fellow of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts