A lady

Oil Painting on Canvas. Of a famous early 19 century Model.

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About Manuel

Hi my Name Is Manuel Sanchez, I was Born In Cordoba,Spain. I moved to the United States when I was 3 years old in 1962 and spent forty years, Living there. Practacully my hole life. I´ve been an Artist and a Flamenco Dancer for over 40 years. My style of painting is Impresionism. My love for the arts have taken me half way around the world,enjoying every minute of it. I began drawing at a very young age and started oil painting also,which indeed came in handy, speacilly when there was no work as a dancer. I always had my painting skills. It got me out of a lot of unpaid dancing contracts in foreign countries. I do not dance any more but still enjoy the arts,by expressing it on a canvas.As in Flamenco I am a person that loves to live life with passion,love and improvization.I  love to paint wild animals,portraits and of corse Spanish themes,like Flamenco,bullfights and the wild Spanish Bull. I am a very hard worker and will not sign a painting untill my heart and soul tell me its finished. Like my dancing my painting is filled with love,fire,passion,feeling and of corse improvization. See my Paintings at Manuel Sanchez Art Gallery www.manuelsanchezartist.webs.com