A Fleeting January Thaw

Acrylic on canvas 20"x16" (2010)  The setting sun could not disguise the fact that the January thaw had passed.  The pond froze again and it was winter once more.  The scene is in Gardner, Massachusetts

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Lori MacDonald

About Lori MacDonald

I’ve been painting with acrylics for 38 years and I continue to enjoy the versatility of this medium which provides an array of creative options – from watercolor techniques to heavy impasto applications.  I like to paint where I live, and Central Massachusetts has enough beauty to occupy an artist for a lifetime.   I'm not bored yet!  I love color and I use it freely - sometimes subtly, and other times boldly. 

I love to paint and I love when someone connects with the work I've done.   It feels like a new friend.  Thanks for your comments.