A Different Perspective

watercolor on paper  7.5" x 11"./ 18.5 X 28 cm.


I would like to give credit to Pinterest, it supplied the inspiration for my composition even though the set up is my own. I'm not sure if the top orange works well. I painted it with soft edges in order to give the illusion that it is farther away but I might have placed it too far- C + C appreciated.

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I am from Northern Virginia, brought up in a household where creativity has always been encouraged. I developed artistic interests at an early age. My mother, who also loves art, was instrumental in this. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Maryland Institute, College of Art, in 1992. At that time, I experimented with many mediums. After graduation, after being required to work mostly with oils, I was able to follow my instincts more, drawing closer to watercolors. Family priorities resulted in a hiatus that lasted for some years. I approached the Arts again in 2010. I strive to explore the limitless possibilities watercolor painting offers and admire the endless effects that can be obtained. I paint a variety of subject matter, plein air, from life or from photos. What I find most stimulating are the seemingly commonplace moments or scenes that are often overlooked. I try to convey concepts by shaping and arranging the different creative layers the medium offers. I strive to apply myself daily, in spite of other responsibilities, forever challenging my skills and level of awareness. At the present, I live in Rome, Italy with my husband and two daughters. watercolorsbyceliablanco.com  http://watercolors-celiablanco.blogspot.it/