A Couple of Kids, Oil on canvas 30" x 36"

A few years ago I moved to a rural area and hour from the city. This ia an example of what I see on a regular basis.

My heart rate is serene, the views here are mostly pastoral and so inspirational to me, I love animals, I love nature.

This painting sold within 3 hours of showing it. It was a study in whites, I love the mischevious elvin look of these baby goats

so true to their nature.

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Cheryl Denise Whitestone               

     Cheryl was born and raised by a family of artists in Southern California. She sold her first oil painting, a floral still life, at age 10. Today she works in every arts medium. For portraiture commissions she prefers oil paints. Those who have witnessed her abundant inventiveness, sensitivity, experimentation and productivity have called her  "A Living Master."

    Her client list for murals, commissioned portraits and paintings include the Georgia Governor's Mansion, Doctors, Dentists, Elementary Schools, Restaurants, Health Clubs, Health Care Facilities, Hospitals, Salons, Special Events Facilities, Real Estate Offices, Historic Homes, Estate Homes, Show Homes, and many others. Her many commissioned works of art are in private and public collections in the United States, Scandinavia, and throughout Europe.