A Buddhist Becomes a Christian! ……. By Mr. George D Patnoe., Jr!

Drawn from my own photograph, of a real human being who was walking down the street carrying a wooden cross!

The story behind this drawing is one day I was getting ready to order a big, juicy double size hamburger with cheese at a local hamburger stand, when I saw this guy walking across the street carrying a big wooden cross.  I knew that it would make for a great drawing.  So I told the lady behind the counter that I would return quickly, and I hopped on my mountain bike to take his picture and when I asked the guy if I could take a picture of him and his huge wooden cross, he said yes, and then he told me his story.  So we talked about life and the two different religions for a few minutes, and then we parted our separate ways.

He stated that he was a deeply practicing Buddhist, but then he switched over to being a deeply practicing Christian.  I told him that I was going to draw him and his cross.  He smiled.  I hope he gets to view this drawing.  He also stated that he carried this big wooden cross with him wherever he went all day long.  I wondered about that statement.

And how many people carry invisible crosses with them all day long, all year long, for their whole lives, even until their deaths.  Hidden from the world, but known only to themselves. 

I saved this drawing for Christmas.  I hope everyone likes it, no matter what your religion..


PS. My yearly lecture for this year, titled, "The Afterlife – A State Of Consciousness."  is posted at; 




I hope everyone enjoys that lecture too!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! to one and all!

Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr.


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