93 Days of January

This is a self portrait hiking one of my favoirte locations in NW Iowa.  With several hats… it is all about function.  The 2008 winter was so long that it seem like January lasted for a very, very, long time.  The truth this is not a location I would venture into at this time of year because the terrain is so steep hiking by myself could be dangerous.  So while I hike here often I do not during the winter when there is snow or ice. I love the title. PS: this finally is my first post so I hope you enjoy it.    

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Born in New Jersey but grew up in NE, Nebraska on the Winnebago Indian Reservation.  MFA in Art Education, Rhode Island School of Design '92.  Currently in my 30th year as a High School Art Teacher. I'm a fith Generation descendent of Asher B. Durand of the Hudson River School.  Primarily an acrylic landscape painter, I have been working in pastels for the past two years as a tool mostly for plein air painting.