4 Cherries

"4 Cherries" is an original oil painting on a 6 x 6 inch oil panel.  This daily painting was painted by Kevin Webster. 

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Kevin Webster

About Kevin Webster

Kevin Webster, born in 1965, is a retired U. S. Army artist whose works hang in public and private collections around the world.

A native of Birmingham, Alabama Kevin did not study art at a traditional university or art institute.  Instead he learned the basics of art from his grandfather, Lloyd DePratu of Montana.  Lloyd's passion for art came at an early age, when he and other children would watch renowned western artist Charles M. Russell paint in his Montana studio.

During high school Kevin received several awards for his art and was offered an art scholarship but he decided to enlist in the military.  Serving a total of 21 years in the military, Kevin never lost his love of art and he continued to draw and paint in his off duty time, often documenting the daily lives of soldiers.  Traveling the world, he often visited art museums in other countries and painted with other artist throughout the world.

In 1994, Kevin began to focus on his art more.  That year he completed a painting for the International Motor Sports Hall of Fame, commemorating Dale Earnheardt’s victory at the Talladega Super Speedway.   The following year Kevin was again commissioned by the Motor Sports Hall of Fame.  For the next three years Kevin focused on sports art and released his first limited edition print.  In 1997, he began working on a series of still life paintings for the U.S. Army.  These paintings captured the history of various Army units and the original oil paintings were all reproduced as limited edition lithographs with most editions selling out prior to their release.  The original paintings now hang in military museums and headquarters buildings around the world.  In 2003, Kevin was deployed to Iraq for “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.  Serving as the 101st Airborne Division’s artist, Kevin was tasked with documenting the unit’s operations through his art.  Kevin returned from Iraq in September 2003 and then retired from the Army in March 2004.

After retirement Kevin moved back to Birmingham, where he lost his desire to paint and did not paint for 3 years.  In 2007, Kevin began to paint with Birmingham artist Jennifer Harwell. He credits her with helping him through his artist block.  Kevin now paints regularly and with a passion like never before.  Kevin’s art has earned him instant recognition from local and regional art collectors to include noted art collector Jack Warner.  Kevin still paints sports and military art but his primary focus is on his fine art which includes wildlife and western art.

Webster currently has work displayed in the U.S Army Art Collection, the 101st Airborne Division Museum, the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regimental Headquarters, the U.S. Army War Fighter Center, the International Motor Sports Hall of Fame, the Westervelt Warner Museum of American Art, and numerous private collections around the world.