100 years

This was a commissioned piece to celebrate  the100 year anniversary of a very large grain company in my home town.  I chose to keep it mostly in greyscale and sepia in order to portray the passing of 100 yrs.  My client was thrilled with it!

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Evelyn Berdan

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About 5 years ago, I rekindled my interest in artwork, particularly portraiture.  I had put aside my art supplies for the many years it took to focus on raising a family (4 children) along with my wonderful husband.  I am self-taught, relying on pointers from local artists, and reading various magazines and articles pertaining to using a variety of mediums.  My initial experience is with soft pastels, and am now trying to master acrylic and oil.  As you can see, my style is realism and am trying to break free from that to a small degree, so as to loosen my strokes.