007 flashback (WIP)

I started this painting a week or so ago and I'm at the point that I'd like to step away from it and start something new for a while. I liked the mood of the room that I took this picure in and my friends intense gaze. The retro wooden walls and headboards coupled with a dated looking bed spread makes for a really fun painting. I'm paiting this portrait of my friend on 18×24 Frabriano hotpress with an array of different colors.  

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Vaughn Jennings-White

About Vaughn Jennings-White

I'm a Detroit native who now lives in the sunshine state. I recently graduated with a degree in animation and now that I have more time on hand I can start painting again :). I paint with watercolors using my friends, family, people, and environment as sources of inspiration. I presently work as a commercial artist, but I enjoy painting and hope to transition into a painter full time.