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Here's how it all looks working together for when I'm out sketching.

Pocket Sketching Techniques: Things You Have to Know

Sketching on location is definitely one of the most powerful sources of information, joy, and inspiration for an artist. At least for me. I love to paint cityscapes–the buildings, roads, cars, and people. To collect ideas for my paintings I just walk around seeking nice views, great light, and interesting compositions. And I carry a…

When The Same Light Hits us Twice Usually when the light hits your subject  or subjects at a 45 degree angle.  I just notice it kind of creates a three dimensional atmosphere around the subject or subjects.         

Lone Water Lilly

acrylic painting , 12×16, photo reference PMP by Caroline Asley i fell in love with her photo and just had to paint it. It seemed to be celebrating new life as only God can present to us.

virtual model with blue houses

From the series “Virtual model”, oil and pencil on paper, 40 x 40 cm, 2015. I like to create imaginary worlds. Using the modeling software I invent virtual simplified realities, probably the result of travel memories and past experiences. I choose the types of buildings, I place them on a fictitious ground, check the colors…