“I Stand At The Door and Knock”

12″H x 18″W two dimensional oil painting on 140 lb. watercolor paper

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About RosieFoshee

I would say I was in junior high when I first showed an interest in drawing and art. I took an art class and in another class every day I was drawing. As an adult art was put on a back burner. Along with family, I was a caregiver in our home for my Dad 12+ years, my husband's Dad, about a year. After this we began to travel, but when we were home, we had his Mom for the next 11 years. While I cared for my Dad, I also did childcare for family, friends and neighbors. Now that all this is behind me, I have announced to my husband I want to get serious about art, and he is supporting me with critiques and encouragement. I look back, and wish I had worked it in with all the other busyness of life. But today I am devoting my life to art. I have painted with acrylics, oils, watercolor pencil and watercolors. My favorite art media is watercolors and oils. Of these two, most of my paintings will be watercolors, with oils close behind.