Fanella ad the Trumpeter Swan

"Fanella and the Trumpeter Swan" is a 24" x 30" acrylic painting which has been photographed and printed onto a blank note


The story, written by myself, resides on the back and reads,

 "Fanella found herself out on the moor that bleak wintry evening.  The wind was dreadful

creating chaos with her pale hair.  Shivering with only a crimson velvet cloak, she yearned for something to warm her

heart and soul. She had no idea that it would be she who would warm that of another-albeit a wandering swan with a

feathery body and a thoughtful presence who also needed comfort.  She closed her eyes and allowed her cheek to

caress his feathery head while he permitted himself to sink into her while remaining watchful with one beady eye.

Cloak and down enveloping..heart to heart".

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