Christmas Cactus Glory

8 x 10, oil pastels

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Holiday Cart Art Contest 2011
"Holly" (Susan) Matthews

About "Holly" (Susan) Matthews

I am named after my maternal Great-Grandmother, Susan (Reeder) Holland, so my birth name is Susan Holland Kibler and married name is now Matthews.  My paternal Grandmother, Gertrude Wagg Kibler, was a very accomplished artist, musician, composer, and writer.  My childhood was filled with her wonderful paintings and watching her works-in-progress when we visited; but, unfortunately, I remember little about her music or her writing.  My Father and one of my Aunts followed in her artistic footsteps.   My Father's special interest was cartooning but he never had the courage to follow through with it professionally.  On my walls in my home I have several of my Grandmother's treasured paintings, one of which was completed when she was in college and another which was done at age 86 after she had suffered a major stroke.  I also have several of my Father's cartoons and water color paintings framed and hanging, as well as one of my Aunt's oil paintings. 

My Grandfather Kibler was always upset that my Grandmother did not sign her paintings with her married name.  She explained to me once (and quite defiantly, I might add) that her talent did not come from the Kiblers so she simply signed her work "Wagg".  Although my attempts at my artistic genes were not derived from the Holland side of my family, I decided to follow my Grandmother's lead and chose  "Holland" as my signature name years ago when I decided to try to pursue my "artistic genes".  Consequently, my friends and acquaintences through art know me as "Holly" and the whole rest of the world knows me as "Susan".  Usually, I answer to both names, unless I choose to not answer at all - - [:P] - - and then I sort of have a good excuse! 

I have taken a few workshops and classes here and there over the years, but I am basically a "self-taught" artist.  (It took me at least 20 years to be able to call myself "artist" rather than "hobbiest"!)  Participation in this forum and others have been invaluable to me in my artistic journey!  I have learned more in the scant 2 years of participation "on-line" than I did from the total of all of my classes and workshops!   For each and every one of you who have been so encouraging and helpful, I offer my sincere gratitude!