Celtic Firenights

In the times of the Pagan landscape when Druids celebrated the winter solstice and the firelights cast a warming glow over the surrounding woods.

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About cynnocence

I was born an artist and will die an artist.  Whether it is written or spoken language; or the colour I apply on canvas, I have always been a creator.  Earliest on were the magic of crayons, the vibrant colours of my first Crayola pack with built in sharpener.  In adolescence I received my first oils but the negativity of a mother whose tolerance for the smells and solvents discouraged this media.  I moved on to Oil and Chalk pastels and as my academics and career outran my use of these media, they were replaced by words and language and the song of poetry. 

Winding down my 31 year career, I reintroduced myself to paint.  Acrylic allowed me the freedom of the colours and textures and the mediums added provided much of the flexibility of oils.  Attending workshops and working in my own studio, I painted prolifically.  And then came encaustics.  A weekend workshop introduced me to the medium of wax, full circle really.  Somewhat more sophisticated than my box of Crayola, but the inherent material was the same, wax.

Cynnocence lives with her cats (Mom, Son, Sephy, Munchkin and Ruby George) and her husband (Jose) in Hamilton, Ontario.