Holiday Cart Art Contest 2011

Artist Daily community members show what they are working on. Paintings, drawings, and mixed media are all represented, and works can be complete or in progress. This online art gallery contains the submissions for the holiday card contest for 2011.

Northern Vacation

Only a true Northerner can fully understand this depiction of one of those days in February when the fantasy between the pina colada and the snow merge together.

Abstract Snowflake

This is my creation.. I was just doodling and started this design, I desided to create this abstract one of a kind snowflake… It's like nothing I have ever seen before! And I love that!! It has the colors of Christmas.. Red, Green, Gold, Silver with fun shapes. And of course the heading; Love, Joy,…

pink op art retro santa

This card combines a look from the past with the zaniness of op art. By using a vintage post card with a bold yet subtle pink bubble background with an op art design, it's style is "so today"…kinda hip, slightly urban, yet reminiscent of long ago Christmas'. 

Celtic Firenights

In the times of the Pagan landscape when Druids celebrated the winter solstice and the firelights cast a warming glow over the surrounding woods.