GOLDEN TOUCH, acrylic painting, 70x50cm

Here comes the new day. The first sun rays are speeding up to blow the dark of the night. The sun is touching the fields shining up the colors, giving new life to all earth treasures. What a magical moment! The grass is waking up all golden and gorgeous. And this tree trio rise in its purple to red wrapper, greeting the life bringing day.
This original acylic painting is made on a reinforced paper pasted on a fiberboard. It is framed.

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About Emilia Milcheva

Welcome to my world of art and love for the nature! My name is Emilia. I beliеve I was born an artist. It took me some time in my childhood to understand which art suits me best. I tried almost every art stage until I found the art of painting and I stopped looking further. My passion for drawing and fine art actually and unexpectedly started with a dress of my mama. It was a white trico dress with purple-red-to pink roses printed on it /I hope you still remember the elegant feminine fashion of 70ies-80ies…./ Seemed to me like the beauty of the whole world was captured in that dress. So I started painting roses. And I have never stopped painting ever since. Thus and thanks to that lovely dress I found the happiness of painting at a very early age and I discovered the power that it gave me to express myself, to tell people what I see and how I see it. For so many years now, the nature is still the main source of inspiration for me. I am deeply touched and I admire the organic order and the harmony of nature. This leaves me with a feeling of tranquillity. It is amazing how the nature paints her masterpieces at every step on the way. No one can do better. So I am simply taking some captures on a loan. I want, at least I hope, the viewers of my art to feel the same happiness and peace of mind that I had while painting the piece. I want them to feel the warmth, the comfort, the quietness that I rest between the layers of paint. As a dedicated artist I strongly believe that creating is the most powerful side of human beings. But I am sure also that art is not self-sufficient. There must be people to share with, to make a connection, to build the bridge speaker-listener. So come closer, take my hand and come with me in the most beautiful world of nature’s wonders!