English farm landscape

Pastel PaintingPastel on watercolor paper with Golden’s acrylic ground for pastels applied thinly


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I'm a self taught aspiring artist. I'm left handed and have exceptional hand eye coordination. Meaning that I could look at something and then draw it with great accuracy. My uncle was a very good artist and woodworker as my father as well! I remember that exact moment in time when I make a conscious decision to get better at drawing so I could make amazing pictures with my own hands! My father showed me some drawings he had done when he was younger. They were drawn on very thick and textured something I've never seen before and was absolutely captivated... the amount of detail. It was very special to me and don't get me wrong,i definitely was not born with the seeming natural ability that other people seem to possess. You know the ones that when you watch them in the zone it's quite astounding! Often they do things unorthodox a example is this guy who's name I cannot remember sorry sir! But he painted like a 5"x5" section at a time to total completion!!!!? I have no idea how he's able to keep things proportionate it's stuff like that is really intimidating to me anyway I'm definitely my worst critic seriously it's kinda bad sometimes. But overall I am definitely progressing little by little and for me to even be able to tell that I'm getting better is proof right there.... right??? I've never taken a art class except in middle school we had 45 minutes of art class for 3 years but nothing really stuck. I drew fairly often as a way to clear my mind and the sheer joy I get when I'm in the moment is just transcendent time and space and all my pettiness simply disappear completely!!! Then every now and then I create something that is so appealing to me it's like there's no way I did that! That's exactly what keeps me motivated that amazing feeling of proudness it's unlike anything else! I'm a avid music fanatic I listen to a variety of different genres like hardcore,alternative,metal,classic rock,rap,hip-hop especially 90s era! I Absolutely love the outdoors and everything it offers! I'm pretty sure that is why I typically only paint landscapes? The beauty of a place and the play of light on the landscape captivate me and force me to look at the world differently more analytical and deep more like a artist.