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Antinoo Farnese

Oil Painting From the series “The color of memory”, oil on paper, 35 x 35 cm, 2016. These works come from some thoughts about classical sculpture. We know that the sculptures were originally colorful, and that the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures, but also the pre-Columbian cultures, favored, to decorate them, very bright colors. But…

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Maiden’s Voyage

Oil Painting Maiden’s Voyage sails proudly as the “artistic juices” flow! Mindful not to brag too much, I am enjoying this new surge of inspiration to finish this collection, “Sea Monsters.” I’m also looking for around 4 more paintings to round out this collection. Just a few notes on the subject of this painting. I’m…

Staleness 3

Oil Painting Staleness 3 was completed by Li Mingfeng. The painting was painted on a 39” X 39” , 99 cm X 99 cm linen canvas. This painting has color tones ranging from grey to flesh and incorporates themes of People & portraits and Oriental.