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Artist Daily community members show what they are working on. Paintings, drawings, and mixed media are all represented, and works can be complete or in progress.

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600mmx800mm oil on canvas. Commissioned. Honouring a friend for his selfless “giving” to others in need.


tribal butterfly

From the series “Please do not kill butterflies”, pins, oil and pencil on paper, 25 x 25 cm, 2016. Please, all these dead animals … Of course, not everyone of us can or want become vegetarian. Sure, in some cases, maybe, the medical experimentation needs them to get results. But we really have to kill…


The Otherside

Graphite drawing on paper, size: 50x70cm.I could say that this work is described by spontaneity and openness. We often hide our inner darkside but I let it go this time.