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Oil painting for Canada 150th anniversary of Confederation

Oil Paintings Around 1867, Canada fathers made a wise decision and outstanding efforts to get Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic and made the decision to build railway throughout Canada from the east to the west. In the railway of rocky mountain, the most difficult and key section, had tens of thousands of Chinese…



Drawing / Sketch Fruit Apple Oil painting297 X 210 mm 10.3.2016. Save


Storm Breaking

Oil Painting 18×20 Oil on Canvas. In this painting sunlight is just breaking through showing fantastic waves as the storm is ending. The colors are darker slate blue, navy and umber with pale yellow showing through the clouds. Save


Perfect Legs on That Body!

Drawing / Sketch An original black & white graphite pencil “study” of a female model posing on top of a convertible sports car. This work was rendered to anylize the image with the intention of rendering an original painting (same image), on a large scale. My pleasure to share my art with you all! –…