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Human Figure Drawing Tutorial from Artist Daily: 13 Gesture Drawing Techniques

16 Aug 2010
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Using a model as the stepping off point, Hannaway creates human figure drawings that emphasize pivotal moments of action where the figure is about to move or is in the act of doing so. In Artist Daily’s eBook, Human Figure Drawing Tutorial: 13 Gesture Drawing Techniques, Hannaway shares even more details of her drawing process and gives insight on how her approach has enhanced her career as an animator and fine artist.

If you perfect your ability to render the human form—from gesture drawings of the body to specific studies on how to draw hands or the nose and mouth—your skill in drawing almost any other subject matter will likely increase as well. Hannaway’s instruction in our free Human Figure Drawing eBook allows readers to solidify their drawing skills with a thoughtful, informed instructor while learning an approach that focuses equally on rendering well and seeing dynamically.

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