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Landscape: Serenity Sugarloaf Mountain East View

9 Feb 2013
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As a landscape painter and primarily a plein air painter, it is always a challenge working on location. This painting was done on top of Sugarloaf Mountain, which is an icon in Montgomery County, MD where I live.  It's distinctive "humpback" shape can be seen from miles around.  I chose to paint not the mountain but the view from the top of the mountain on the east side.  It was a cold day day in early spring and the leaves on the trees budding out in a lovely lavender hue.  Towering evergreens hovered over the rock covered cliff which seemed to emerge  out of the mountain like  giant steps.  I was able to return to the same spot under the same conditions for several days. Finishing the last few strokes in the studio.  The painting is now in the collection of Douglas and Edith Hemingway who also love hiking on Sugarloaf Mountain.

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on 9 Feb 2013 4:59 PM

Gorgeous painting, lavender glows

curtis wood wrote
on 9 Feb 2013 7:40 PM


aliasghar wrote
on 18 Feb 2013 12:58 PM

I love all your drawings - you are an artist with skills