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floral series #4

16 Jan 2013
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Watercolor floral

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rsfloresart wrote
on 16 Jan 2013 5:29 AM

Amazing artwork, what size?

Celia Blanco wrote
on 16 Jan 2013 5:41 AM

Beautiful watercolor!

on 16 Jan 2013 6:46 AM

Great! Well done

cholzschuh wrote
on 16 Jan 2013 6:47 AM


jfgarcia wrote
on 16 Jan 2013 7:42 AM


on 16 Jan 2013 7:49 AM

Super nice! 

C. Brown wrote
on 16 Jan 2013 9:16 AM

So beautiful!

Charlie Gunn wrote
on 16 Jan 2013 12:13 PM

Very well done.  i like it.

RAUL wrote
on 16 Jan 2013 1:19 PM

Mmmmmmmmm, delightful!

renerene wrote
on 16 Jan 2013 7:03 PM

Robert S Flores, thank you so much for your kind comment.  This image is quite large, 19 X 28 inches.  Thanks again.  regards, rene

Celia Blanco, thank you for commenting on this image.  regards, rene

Laura Garramone, Thanks, really appreciate your kind comment.

cholzschuh, thanks, really appreciate it! regards, rene

jfgarcia, thank you soooo much.

Leticia Margarita, thanks, appreciate your nice comment.  regards, rene

C. Brown, and I so appreciate you comment, thanks again.

Charlie Gunn, thank you so much, appreciate it.  regards, rene

Thanks, RAUL, really appreciate that comment!  regards, rene

on 17 Jan 2013 1:26 PM

all very harmonious: color, brightness, composition. excellent work.

MaryHrz wrote
on 29 Jan 2013 4:42 PM

Your painting is absolutely beautiful to study!   Yes, I love looking at those gorgeous colorful flowers!  This painting wojuld brighten any room in the house!!





















































































































































































































































































































































































Your painting is absolutely gorgeous.  I am enjoying the colors that are so beautiful!  This paintig would brighten any room!!

Thank You for sharing your watercolor!