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Pencil practice cont.

24 Nov 2012
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 I love cross hatching work with a pencil. It's so relaxing and this was a first attempt at something large. I didn't blend the face as it was so pretty and I didn't want to smudge it as I'm just learning. After working on this part of the bigger piece I have a whole new respect and appreciation for artists who do pencil work. Again, the surface is so fragile after you've shaded that all it takes is a fleck of grit or a brush with a sleeve to ruin a whole area.

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jcurry wrote
on 24 Nov 2012 11:38 AM

Nice, Catherine.  I agree with  your accessment of the "........brush with a sleeve...."   During the charcoal and graphite process for me my hands and sleeves look like I've been cleaning out ashes in a wood stove. LOL  As soon as I can I spray a fixative because of the "spoil" factor.

C. Brown wrote
on 24 Nov 2012 11:51 AM

Thanks jcurry. What kind of fixative do you use? I have no idea what to get and some of the reviews I've read have said you can't use it in the house.

Charlie Gunn wrote
on 24 Nov 2012 12:17 PM

Very nice.  I use a matte finish fixative, Prismacolor Premier.  They all seam to darken the work a little, am tryng to find one that will  not do that.

jcurry wrote
on 24 Nov 2012 12:26 PM

I have been using "MOD PODGE" matte clear acrylic sealer.  I bought this at Walmart after needing something in a hurry.  Surprisingly it has worked really good for me but I do take it outside to use.  I ordered a "workable fixative" but it still allows smudging.  Guess that's the reason it's called "workable" lol.  I don't use it.

curtis wood wrote
on 24 Nov 2012 4:54 PM

i work with charcoal for the sketch before i start with pastels, where do you find free instruction on different ways of using them.

philo.yan wrote
on 25 Nov 2012 9:22 PM

I agree with your observations and yes, the best part is it relaxes and I get a sense of calm and clarity.  Good effort on your first attempt.