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charcoal practice cont.

24 Nov 2012
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It's a little dark but what do you do? I tried to pull it out using the little chamois cloth and then it was washed looking. I also found that all it takes is one mirco sized piece of grit on the paper and you have a scratch that is set in the surface. 

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Charlie Gunn wrote
on 24 Nov 2012 12:12 PM

Have you tried lightly using a kneaded rubber eraser to lighten an area?  That seems to work for me.  This work is still very nice.

C. Brown wrote
on 24 Nov 2012 12:34 PM

Thank you Charlie. I used the kneaded eraser on the bridge of her nose and part of her upper lip. I was afraid to use it on a large plane like her cheek area. I'm still learning about what tool to use for a situation.