Arctic Painting--The Plan

23 Oct 2012
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Trek Research is a clip from Cory Trepanier's Into The Arctic video journal series, where the artist shares about how he used Google Earth as a research tool for deciding where to go paint in the Arctic wilds.

Read more about his adventures in the Plein Air Blog.

Cory Trepanier is an artist/with a passion for capturing remote wilderness regions on canvas. His current Into The Arctic project has seen him undertake 3 extensive excursions to the Canadian Arctic to develop a collection of 50 oil paintings and create 2 films. He shares his unique artistic and adventurous explorations on television, through film touring, writing, photography and through public speaking. Cory is also a proud member of the Explorer’s Club.

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sllammers wrote
on 13 Jan 2013 8:44 AM

Very interesting and helpful. Thanks  Sheryl