Upper Leg: Figure Drawing

10 Oct 2012
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Upper Leg Figure Drawing

This is the free 10 minutes long version of the 1 hour 35 minute long video lecture on the upper leg in figure drawing.
The upper leg is the largest shape in the lower body. It is closely tied to pelvis. An important concept introduced in the full lecture is the grouping of muscles. Figure drawing artists are not interested in detailed anatomy. We only want to know what will deliver a convincing rendering of the human body in a figure sketch. There is no need to draw every muscle separately if more of them run in the same direction and perform the same, or closely related function. We can simply group them. The upper leg is a prime example where this concept is quite important. In terms of closely related body parts, the upper leg has these ties with the knee as well and so we touch upon massing of the knee which helps in determining the rotation of the femur bone and therefore the rotation of the upper leg.

Instructor bio:

This video is from figure drawing instructor Robert Stollar, a self-taught sculptor with a passion for figure drawing. A passion and, of course, a necessity. He lives in Sydney, Australia with his beautiful wife and three dogs, working as a sculptor and teaching figure drawing.

For those who cannot attend his classes in person Robert has an online version of the lectures at Figure Drawing Online.


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