Rib Cage: Figure Drawing

10 Oct 2012
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Figure Drawing: The Rib Cage
This is the free 10 minutes long version of the 1hour 32 minutes long video lecture on a figure sketch of the rib cage. Since it is one of the largest forms in the human body, it's importance in terms mass in a figure drawing is incredible. Positioning, orientation, proportion and thrust of the rib cage will determine most of these attributes for how the rest of the body is depicted when drawing figures. The artists are mostly concerned with those parts of the anatomical knowledge that will help them to transfer the three dimensional object onto the two dimensional flat surface of a drawing pad. This selective knowledge is concerned with invaluable landmarks and clues which the rigid skeletal structure readily provides.

Instructor bio:

This video is from figure drawing instructor Robert Stollar, a self-taught sculptor with a passion for figure drawing. A passion and, of course, a necessity. He lives in Sydney, Australia with his beautiful wife and three dogs, working as a sculptor and teaching figure drawing.

For those who cannot attend his classes in person Robert has an online version of the lectures at Figure Drawing Online.


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