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Plurality of Identity

14 Sep 2012
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(Oil and Acrylics on Canvas)"Despite our diverse diversities, the world is suddenly seen not as a collection of people, but as a federation of religions and civilizations". "A strong and exclusive sense of belonging to one group can in many cases carry with it the perception of distance and divergence from other groups."-Amartya Sen

It is important that people realize, a person's religion/nationality ...

need not be his or her exclusive identity. People can view themselves in many different ways. For example, I can be at the same time an Indian citizen, a North Eastern, an Assamese, an economic researcher, an Artist, a cook,a footballer, a violinist, or a Hindu. These are diverse categorise that i can simultaneously belong with equal importance.

Singularity of human identity only makes the world flammable. Acknowledging the plurality of our identities is the main hope of harmony in our troubled world.

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jatravis wrote
on 14 Sep 2012 1:13 PM

So very true & difficult to depict, but you did a splendid job!  I really like the way you wrapped the neck of the instrument around the 2 figures reflecting the potential to have harmony - we just have to pluck the right strings! 

on 27 Sep 2012 6:30 AM

Thank you!:)